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Mission Statement 
Magnus' mission is to be a pioneer in providing high-quality and effective nutrition supplements and skincare products as a 'stepping stone' to a better lifestyle while heightening respect for body, spirit, and well-being.

Magnus  "Discover a Better Lifestyle"

About Us
You have just stepped into the unique world of Magnus, a company which has been quietly revolutionizing the nutritional supplements industry for over 30 years. Magnus Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1978 by Mr. Kinichi Torii, former president of Pola Cosmetics, USA. With many years of experience in the health industry and knowledge of kampo (Japanese herbal remedy), Torii started Magnus with the purpose of revealing the secrets of traditional Eastern healing arts to the American health community. Magnus products are developed with the belief that the best means to maintaining optimum health is by cultivation. Our products are the combination of age-old kampo formulas and vitamins, minerals and other nutrients discovered through modern science. 
Never one to follow, Magnus has always strived to be the leader and an example in an industry where fads and trends can overwhelm and often disappoint more than reward. Magnus has chosen the path of quiet conviction, finding great reward in seeing our customer cultivate better health through our persistence and health awareness mission:

  • Persistence in our profound belief that we offer superior and innovative products, brought on by our deep knowledge of the traditional eastern healing modalities combined with the most advanced western research.
  • Health awareness as a key to empowering our customers to make positive changes for health cultivation. Magnus believes in educating one customer at a time on the eastern synergistic concept of health, the body, the spirit, and the environment that surrounds us, and teaching health cultivation using the innovative idea of supplements combining Eastern and Western ingredients. 
    Magnus has remained successful in this industry because it has stayed true to its mission since it opened its door in 1978. Health awareness, cultivation and quality. Magnus never compromises quality. Our large number of loyal customers of 20, 30 years is a testament to the successful execution of this mission. By sharing our products and the great knowledge that created them, it is Magnus' goal to promote good health through the finest quality nutritional food supplements. This belief has allowed Magnus to become the indisputable leader in innovative nutritional supplements.

We are experts of the health wonders of mushrooms and greens with over 30 years of success. When Magnus opened its doors in 1978, the US population knew little of mushrooms as nutraceutical supplements. Seeing the need to bring shiitake to the American people, after much searching and researching throughout Japan for the best mushroom, in 1983 Magnus introduced FUKKEN, the very first shiitake mycelium product in the United States. FUKKEN went onto become the number one selling product of Magnus. The tremendous success of this product owes itself to the fact that Magnus was - and continues to be - the only company in the United States that offers the extract of the shiitake mycelium.

Commonly accepted now in the health community, green products were a novel idea in the United States in the 70's. There were no green products on the market, to be exact, until in 1979, Magnus introduced its very first green product, a green barley powder. Due to its immediate overwhelming popularity, Magnus improved it 3 years later to include two other innovative greens (bamboo leaves and Japanese Angelica) in a base of wholesome brown rice. Known as Royal Green, it went on to achieve even greater popularity, creating a whole new category of health supplementation in the industry and minds of health-conscious Americans. 
Always in the quest to bring the finest products, in 2001, Magnus yet again enhanced its green product, and introduced Royal Green Silk, with "Mulberry Green", Magnus' unique organic whole mulberry leaf powder in combination with six other whole-food ingredients: young barley leaves, young bamboo leaves, Japanese Angelica, brown rice, bifidus, and green tea extract. 


Continually searching for unique and health-benefiting ingredients, Magnus has been introducing numerous innovative products throughout its 30-plus years in the industry. Among those products debuted was Super Ginkgo Max in 1992. The ginkgo biloba was relatively unknown in the United States in the early 90s, however, ginkgo had already achieved leading status as an effective, safe herbal supplement in Europe and Japan. Believing in the efficacy and power of synergy that is, more than one ingredient combined to work together to enhance each of its beneficial properties. Magnus created a unique gingko formula to enhance ginkgo's famed antioxidant property. Super Ginkgo Max was later upgraded becoming Gingko CoQ10Max and like the FUKKEN, continues to be, even after decades, one of Magnus' best selling products. Magnus has pride and confidence in these products and many other high quality Japanese supplements which are available in America only through our company as the famous super enzyme formula "MANDA HI KOHSO", "Royal Jelly Gold", "UME GOLD" and many, many more. 

Company Statement

Magnus stands firm behind the harmonious concept of working with nature, rather than against her. Like traditional Oriental medicine doctors who were concerned with maintaining good health to prevent diseases, Magnus nutritional products are developed with the belief that the best means to maintaining good health is by cultivation, and that a more balanced and complete life comes from good nutrition.

Our products are the fruition of years of extensive research, combinations of the highest quality nature-produced ingredients, modern processing methods, and a dedication to providing our customers with the most superior-quality products available in the market. Magnus has never allowed hype or get-rich-quick schemes to undermine its production and formulation, or cloud its marketing judgment. 
Good health ultimately comes from the conscientious will of the individual who decides to take control of his/her health by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and taking daily nutritional supplements. Magnus is confident that our loyal customers and our successful experience of over 30 years in an extremely competitive industry is evidence of our sincere and unwavering determination to provide only the best and most effective natural nutritional supplements in the market.