Ionized Calcium plus Vitamin D3
1300 tablets

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CALTOP D is revolutionary Calcium supplement which becomes ionized in the digestive system readily available for maximum absorption. Vitamin D3 and Potent trace minerals, have been added, making Caltop D a well balanced supplement. The pellets are very small and easy to be taken by children and the elderly alike. Each provided scoop can hold 9 to 10 pellets, the equivalent to 500mg of readily available ionized calcium and 2250IU of Vitamin D3

Calcium and Vitamin D3 for Health
CALTOPIt is well known that young children need Calcium for their developing bones and muscles. Calcium is also found in the blood and cells and regulates the body’s PH balance and other life supporting systems.*

Calcium absorption is promoted by vitamin D. Our body produces Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to ultraviolet light but today, most of us suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Elderly people in particular need to take vitamin D because the ability of the skin to produce vitamin D decreases with age.*

Vitamin D is so important that 10% of our genome depends on it to be activated.*

 Caltop is one of the longest best sellers from Magnus, being sold over 15 years and now with the addition of Vitamin D3, it is sure to continue as one of our top sellers for 15 more years to come!

Take 10 to 20 pellets daily with meals

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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