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SUPER GARLIC PLUS contains  odorless garlic Kintoki ginger Shijimi extract Turmeric.

Odorless garlic, the main component of Super Garlic Plus, has crushed cell walls without being heat treated to enhance its absorption power. Only the active ingredient is extracted using a proprietary process.

As with all our products, Super Garlic Plus is made with Magnus’ high quality standards.


  • Garlic deserves to be called "the king of vegetables", as it has been used as  nourishment and tonic since ancient times. Eating garlic makes the body warm because the component alliin contained in garlic spreads capillaries and improves blood circulation. Alliin is colorless and has no smell. However, when garlic is cut or crushed and the cells are broken and exposed to air, it is hydrolyzed by enzymes and transforms into allyl sulfide, which has a pungent odor peculiar to garlic. This allyl sulfide has strong antibacterial and bactericidal activity, and it is said that a 200-fold diluted aqueous solution kills Typhoid bacteria in 5 minutes.
  • Garlic has a function to promote the secretion and excretion of bile in addition to increasing the absorption rate of B1 and promoting the purification of digestive enzymes. It supports internal organs function, and it  boosts stamina deficiency  and the immune system*



  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the main spice in the Indian dish curry, is asaid to be the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease. Turmeric benefits have been celebrated in folks medicine for centuries.
  • The powerful phenols contained within the flesh of the turmeric root are varieties of curcuminoids: curcumin, desmethoxycurcumin, and bisdesmethoxycurcumin, which not only help combat germs, bacteria, and viruses but also help aid in digestive processes, support immunity, improve energy, maximize metabolic functioning, cleanse the blood, regulate blood sugar, and increase mental processes. Curcumin is strongly anti-inflammatory. It blocks NF-kB, a molecule that travels into the nuclei of your cells and turns on genes related to inflammation. NF-kB is believed to play a major role in many chronic diseases*


Kintoki Ginger

  • In Japan, the medicinal effect of ginger has been used as a specific medicine for cold since the Nara period. Kintoki is a unique ginger. Compared with normal ginger, it is hotter, and because the essential oil component is extremely high, it promotes blood circulation and raises the body’s core temperature, so it is highly recommended for those who suffer cold hands and feet.

  • Kintoki Ginger contains 11 times the content of Galanolactone, said to be antiemetic  and "Gingerol, which has numerous beneficial effects on human ailments as arthritis, fever, and cancer prevention. *

Shijimi Clam extract

  • For Japanese people, shijimi clams are part of a regular diet from the Jomon period. 

    In the Edo period, miso soup with shijimi became a staple for breakfast as it was observed that it improved liver function and worked wonders on hangovers. In addition to the detoxification effect, the Chinese Ming Dynasty medicine book describes its effects such as removing excess heat and moisture from the body.
  • When exercise tests were performed after L-ornithine intake, it has been reported that it suppressed fatigue and decline in performance. 

    There are also reports that show  fat metabolism in the blood has improved. 

    In Japan, Shijimi extract or L-Ornithine, is widely used to cure hangovers and to improve liver health.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease



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