Gold Ion Emollient Cream

Gold Ion Emollient Cream

Gold Ion Emollient Cream

highly hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and exquisite nutrients combined with 24 carat gold

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Gold Minus Ions

●The trace current generated from pure gold, is very similar to our natural biological current. The Energy generated by gold flows smoothly penetrating to the stratum corneum of the skin to promote blood circulation, and aid the me-tabolism in work on cell tissue function.

●When gold enters in contact to skin, it pro-vokes a reaction of the cell immune function promoting the creation of collagen and en-hancing metabolism. The result is a rejuvenat-ed younger looking skin plump and healthy.



Gold Emollient Cream is an unprecedented synergistic formula that has highly hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and exquisite nutrients  combined with 24 carat gold. The Hyaluronic acid used here is highly concentrated and together with Placenta, Tranexamic acid, CoQ10, Collagen and  Japanese herbal extracts. Gold Emollient Cream visibly improves skin Appearance allowing youthfulness and glow to all types of skin.

24K Gold

gold_ion_lotion_img5.jpgGold has been revered and utilized from the old days, as a symbol of beauty by those who wished for eternal life; namely Cleopatra of Egypt and Yang Guifei in China. Even today, pure gold is one of the most luxurious ingredients in beauty regimen by the royal family of Arab countries, and used extensively in high end aesthetic salons in Europe and Asia.


gold_ion_lotion_img4.jpgGold Aesthetic treatment using 24 carat gold leaf is a beauty regimen that supports whitening and lifting effects due to the amazing gold ions content.
In addition, gold supports skin purification and metabolism thus aiding in the removal of waste, clearing acne and black heads


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