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Apr. 2023 From Mr. Torii

In a world with a lot of bleak news, Japan is on its best season. If you go out to the suburbs for a while, you can feel the spring in full bloom. Why don’t you go out to the suburbs and breathe a lot of delicious air in this season? Dr. Kirschner, in his own book, “NATURE’S SEVEN DOCTORS,”talks about the 7 keys to health: ❶ FRESH AIR ❷ PURE WATER ❸ SUNSHINE ❹ GOOD FOOD ❺ EXERCISE ❻ REST  ❼ POWER OF THE MIND. Making good use of these seven is the key to “self care”. Modern life is getting further and further away from nature. You pay a lot of money to drink natural water, and you can always eat vegetables and fruits anytime of the year. In other words, the word “season” is becoming irrelevant. We can no longer go back to the old days, but there is still a lot of nature left on the earth.  

Many of the diseases are said to be food-borne diseases, and it seems that there are not a few cases where stress is added to this and promotes the onset of diseases. Trying to live as positively as possible is very important for maintaining good health. It is medically recognized that even “deliberate laughter” enhances immunity, so there is no reason not to laugh. When you get old like me, there are noticeable individual differences in your health (vitality) compared to people of your age. Aging is inevitable, but it can be slowed down. Of course, I want everyone to do things such as eating a proper diet, drinking natural water, sunbathing, and paying attention to exercise and sleep, but the most important thing is the power of the mind and heart. 

I think that the reason why  people grow old is because they think that they are living “now” as “the rest of their lives.” As long as we live, shouldn’t we always live with aspirations? Therefore, I have a proposal. What about taking a step to contribute to society? As I touched on before, the practice of “a little compassion” is one of them. Especially, I would like to recommend it to those who do not do it every day. Doing things that please others will bring good health to yourself. Currently, I am doing my best to get as many people as possible to participate in the “A Little Compassion Practical Activity.” 

I am very grateful that the renewed Fukken is very popular. The history of Magnus is also the history of the spread of [Fukken]. Even now, the product name [Fukken] may be more well-known than the company name Magnus. We sincerely hope that as many people as possible can experience the wonders of Fukken, which brings you the best health for the price of a cup of coffee. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do! I would be happy if you could share it with the  people around you. 

This month, why don’t you concentrate on taking Fukken and Probio Flora more than usual and try to strengthen your liver and intestines? And please send your experiences to Magnus. We will present a free gift to everyone who sent us their experiences.   

Health is our greatest wealth. Let’s not forget this!

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